1941 Review – Series Spielberg #05

It was bound to happen. After two groundbreaking blockbusters, Spielberg was due for a misfire at some point. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are taking a look back at a film in the career of Steven Spielberg. This week we’re discussing the director’s war comedy 1941. Steven had managed... Continue Reading →

Thank You for Your Service Review

It may have been only a week since we saw him last, but Miles Teller is in theaters again with another stellar performance. This time, the prodigy stars as Adam Schumann, an Iraq vet who leaves the field but not the war in Thank You for Your Service. In this moving biographical drama, Jason Hall,... Continue Reading →

Dunkirk Review

Christopher Nolan is back with another bombshell. If you’ve lost hope this summer, surrounded by tired sequels and reboots, there's good news: deliverance has arrived - a breathtaking war epic that both reinvents the genre, and sheds light on a crucial point in history that is too often ignored. Christopher Nolan is one of the... Continue Reading →

Megan Leavey Review

Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Megan Leavey is one of a kind. Whether you are a patriot or an animal lover, you will find yourself moved by the inspirational true story of Iraq war veteran Corporal Megan Leavey and her heroic hound. At once an exposition on war, a recognition of women in service, and a tribute to the... Continue Reading →

Wonder Woman Review

After two pitiful entries in the DC Extended Universe, fans of the brand will be thrilled to find Wonder Woman’s origins film is a rousing success. The latest franchise installment restores the series to the high standard set with Man of Steel, and secures a stronger foothold for DC in their objective to compete with Marvel.... Continue Reading →

The Wall Review

In an age when film producers feel a summer movie isn’t worth making that doesn’t include overwhelming CGI, constant explosions, and a hundred million dollar-plus budget, restraint is not dead. Your proof is Doug Liman’s The Wall. No, we’re not talking about that movie set in China with Matt Damon, we’re talking about a tight-knit... Continue Reading →

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