Halloween Review

This October, one of the longest-running horror franchises of all time finally comes full-circle in Halloween, David Gordon Green’s spiritual successor to John Carpenter’s iconic and massively influential 1978 classic of the same name. After 40 years of sequels, ret-cons, and reboots, Green gives the series an ample reset as if the not-particularly-adored previous 9... Continue Reading →

First Man Review

Hollywood tends to be guilty of over-glorifying its subjects. This leads to a glamourized, and ultimately distorted perception of famous figures. Once in a blue moon, however, cinema actually demonstrates a profound power in humanizing our cherished icons, stripping away the fame and grandeur to reveal the beating, and often scarred, hearts at their cores.... Continue Reading →

Venom Review

We are currently in the midst of the longest hiatus between Marvel movies we’ve seen for quite some time. Thanks to the brutal cliffhanger left by Avengers: Infinity War, and little-to-no indication left by Ant-Man and the Wasp as to where things are headed, fan anticipation is becoming even more rabid as time goes by. With no X-Men movies in... Continue Reading →

BlacKkKlansman Review

It’s no secret we’re living in an increasingly turbulent political climate. Americans are more divided than ever before, with hate groups that have been considered all-but-extinct feeling empowered to crawl out of the woodwork at every turn. Cinema has long served as a powerful rebuke on those who hold power, but with the critical times... Continue Reading →

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