Jaws 2 Review

I think we may have another shark problem. Just when audiences thought it was safe to go back in the water, Jaws 2 swam into theaters. Readers of Film Sentinel will be aware we’ve been reviewing Steven Spielberg movies on this blog as a part of Series Spielberg. As an addendum to that series, we... Continue Reading →

Gremlins Review – Series Spielberg #11

Keep them out of the light. Don’t give them water. And whatever you do, don’t feed them after midnight. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting a work from the career of one of cinema’s most influential directors, Steven Spielberg. This week we’re taking a look at Gremlins. While... Continue Reading →

Poltergeist Review – Series Spielberg #07

1982 was a major time for Spielberg. Or, more specifically, June 1982. This summer month saw the release of two of the year’s biggest blockbusters: the haunted house flick Poltergeist, and the year’s highest-grossing hit, E.T. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting a work in the career of... Continue Reading →

Jaws Review – Series Spielberg # 03

You’re gonna need a bigger screen: next up on Series Spielberg is the ultimate blockbuster, the big kahuna, the granddaddy of them all: Jaws. As part of a series on Film Sentinel,  we are taking a look back at each film in the career of Steven Spielberg, the filmmaker who is most often credited with... Continue Reading →

The Lighthouse Review

Avast ye landlubbers! One of the best films of 2019 is currently playing in a theater near you. No, it’s not Joker, or the new Terminator reboot, it’s The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers’ sophomore effort, and his follow-up to the acclaimed arthouse horror picture The Witch from 2015. Starring Robert Pattinson as a man on a contract job... Continue Reading →

It Chapter Two Review

It’s not over till It’s over. It Chapter Two, that is. The hotly anticipated sequel to the most successful horror film of all time has finally arrived, and though it didn’t quite match the original’s record-shattering $123 million opening, $91 million is nothing to sneeze at. It Chapter Two still boasts the second-largest box office... Continue Reading →

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