Annabelle: Creation Review

As if you needed further proof that dolls are creepy, this summer’s Annabelle installment is topping the box office once again. This weekend the haunted toy scored 35 million, more than doubling its budget in only the first few days. If The Twilight Zone, Poltergeist, Dead Silence and the Chucky franchise weren’t enough, Annabelle: Creation... Continue Reading →

47 Meters Down Review

For as far as Jaws rip-offs go, 47 Meters Down is a cut above the norm. The superficial characters and absurd plot contrivances are standard for the genre, but the brave experimentation and effective scare tactics will easily keep viewers out of the water this summer. 47 Meters Down was originally intended for a direct-to-DVD... Continue Reading →

It Comes At Night Review

It’s horror weekend at the cineplex. While mainstream audiences will inevitably flock to the crude reboot of The Mummy, there is a far-superior alternative for the discerning viewer. It Comes At Night is a robust entry in horror that packs a gripping thrill ride from beginning to end. Following Split and Get Out, 2017 boasts another excellent... Continue Reading →

The Mummy Review

Universal has resurrected The Mummy once again, and like a centuries-old corpse, the franchise has lost some luster. The Mummy is the first installment to Universal's "Dark Universe," a planned crossover series that will reintroduce classic monster characters including Frankenstein, Dracula, the Invisible Man, and more. While we can label this venture as an attempt to imitate the... Continue Reading →

Alien: Covenant Review

The xenomorphs are back. After their introduction in Ridley Scott’s sophisticated and inventive sci-fi/horror masterpiece Alien in 1979, the terrifying creatures have been returning to cineplexes off-and-on again for close to 40 years. Alien: Covenant is the eighth film in the series if you include those shameless Alien vs. Predator films, and Ridley Scott has... Continue Reading →

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