Leap! Review

If you haven’t heard, last weekend theaters received the worst box office returns they've seen in 16 years. That means audiences haven’t been this disinterested in movies since 9/11. That’s saying something. Studios are blaming the Mayweather-McGregor fight and the expected late-summer slump, but it’s pretty obvious the real culprit here is a shortage of acceptable... Continue Reading →

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Review

By the time you hit the dregs of summer, it’s not surprising to see a generic shoot-‘em-up top the box office. With no major openings to speak of this August, you could say September came early this year. Last weekend’s offbeat actioner Logan Lucky represents a bright spot, but unfortunately the public largely ignored it... Continue Reading →

Logan Lucky Review

Welcome back, Mr. Soderbergh. Like Daniel Craig’s squirrelly convicted safecracker Joe Bang, the lure of a big score has lured the elusive artisan out of the shadows and back to mainstream filmmaking. The director has ended his hiatus with another satisfying round of his fine-tuned recipe for heist flicks, and his method shows no signs... Continue Reading →

Annabelle: Creation Review

As if you needed further proof that dolls are creepy, this summer’s Annabelle installment is topping the box office once again. This weekend the haunted toy scored 35 million, more than doubling its budget in only the first few days. If The Twilight Zone, Poltergeist, Dead Silence and the Chucky franchise weren’t enough, Annabelle: Creation... Continue Reading →

The Glass Castle Review

Jeannette Walls grew up under severely tumultuous circumstances. As the second-oldest of three daughters and one son to two deeply irresponsible parents, Jeannette spent her childhood constantly on the move. After years of poverty-stricken hunger and contention with an erratic patriarch, the siblings managed to break away and forge new lives for themselves. Jeannette became... Continue Reading →

The Dark Tower Review

Despite an intriguing premise, two terrific leads, rich source material, and a decade of development, the film adaptation of The Dark Tower is an utter slog. It’s a shame too – with a TV series and sequel in the works, this could have been a captivating introduction to Stephen King’s most intricate world. Perhaps a... Continue Reading →

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