Always Review – Series Spielberg #16

We all need to indulge ourselves once in a while, even if you’re a famous movie director. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting a work from the career of Steven Spielberg. This week we’re looking at 1989’s Always: it’s the first time Spielberg made a romantic comedy, and... Continue Reading →

Crazy Rich Asians Review

It’s a banner year for representation in film. After Black Panther crushed industry expectations to become the biggest cinematic event from the black community the world has ever seen, another minority takes the spotlight in Crazy Rich Asians: a romantic comedy that is directed by and stars a cast that is entirely of Asian descent,... Continue Reading →

Adrift Review

  Tired of comics and superheroes? Bummed out by Solo? If so, a pleasant surprise docks into theaters this weekend, the lost-at-sea/romance hybrid Adrift, the latest survival-drama from Baltasar Kormákur. Arriving during the doldrums of summer blockbuster season, Adrift depicts the inspirational true story of a young couple stranded in the middle of the Pacific.... Continue Reading →

The Mountain Between Us Review

There is an idea in social psychology known as the “proximity principle.” This theory observes that people who tend to be physically close to one another are more likely to form interpersonal relationships. The latest survival picture to hit theaters, The Mountain Between Us, can be generally summed up as an illustration of this principle.... Continue Reading →

The Big Sick Review

Don’t sleep on this one: without hesitation, The Big Sick is among the master class of 2017. This quirky romance effortlessly glides over nearly everything we’ve seen this year with grace and class. It’s a masterful execution within a genre typically characterized by cliché, and it’s an easy contender for sweeping the floor come awards... Continue Reading →

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