War for the Planet of the Apes Review

The age of apes is upon us. Matt Reeves’ staggering conclusion to the groundbreaking trilogy of Apes films is an uproarious coup d’état that shatters the blockbuster status quo. Mankind has been upstaged in a powerhouse epic that propels motion capture effects to their apex, and boasts a tour de force performance from Andy Serkis.... Continue Reading →

47 Meters Down Review

For as far as Jaws rip-offs go, 47 Meters Down is a cut above the norm. The superficial characters and absurd plot contrivances are standard for the genre, but the brave experimentation and effective scare tactics will easily keep viewers out of the water this summer. 47 Meters Down was originally intended for a direct-to-DVD... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

I never would have believed it, but Sony Pictures has successfully sold me on a new Spider-Man. Considering the newest incarnation of the web-crawler is the third manifestation of the character in only 15 years, the proficiency with which Marvel has succeeded with this reboot is a profound feat that is not to be ignored.... Continue Reading →

Baby Driver Review

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new classic. Edgar Wright’s stunning concoction of music and vivacity bestows a lavish buffet of thrills that will pin you to your seat and won’t let go. It is sure to prevail among the summer’s finest, and it will be an easy contender for one of the best of... Continue Reading →

Despicable Me 3 Review

Oh, Despicable Me. It’s happened. The law of diminishing returns has finally caught up with you. You were once a clever, oddball, little fun-packed feature, but the demands of studio executives sapped your spark like so many before you. Despicable Me 3 is the fourth installment, including the prequel Minions, to Illumination Entertainment’s flagship franchise.... Continue Reading →

Transformers: The Last Knight Review

In the newest Transformers, Michael Bay has impressed me. Not because of the jaw-dropping special effects, the attractive stars, or the thrilling action sequences. No, I am amazed that the director has managed to degrade this appalling franchise to a new low. Bay is quite possibly the most powerful director in Hollywood with an utter... Continue Reading →

All Eyez On Me Review

On what would have been his 46th birthday, Hollywood has made an effort to celebrate iconic rap artist Tupac Shakur with a biopic. For a figure with such an outrageous life story, and for a film that has been in development for over six years, you would think they could memorialize the legend with a... Continue Reading →

Cars 3 Review

Pixar’s newest model in the Cars series rolled into theaters this weekend. Though the designers have noticeably worked out some kinks since the second generation, the latest product still fails to deliver the innovation fans expect from the brand. Out of all of Pixar’s works, the Cars films are subject to the most criticism. A marriage between Toy Story director John... Continue Reading →

Megan Leavey Review

Gabriela Cowperthwaite's Megan Leavey is one of a kind. Whether you are a patriot or an animal lover, you will find yourself moved by the inspirational true story of Iraq war veteran Corporal Megan Leavey and her heroic hound. At once an exposition on war, a recognition of women in service, and a tribute to the... Continue Reading →

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