Twister Review – Series Spielberg #20

In 1996, the winds of CGI filmmaking were picking up. After Jurassic Park demonstrated in spectacular fashion some of the range of potential computer-generated imagery had to offer, studios began experimenting with the technology more and more in the years to follow. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting... Continue Reading →

Always Review – Series Spielberg #16

We all need to indulge ourselves once in a while, even if you’re a famous movie director. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting a work from the career of Steven Spielberg. This week we’re looking at 1989’s Always: it’s the first time Spielberg made a romantic comedy, and... Continue Reading →

Jaws 2 Review

I think we may have another shark problem. Just when audiences thought it was safe to go back in the water, Jaws 2 swam into theaters. Readers of Film Sentinel will be aware we’ve been reviewing Steven Spielberg movies on this blog as a part of Series Spielberg. As an addendum to that series, we... Continue Reading →

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