Gremlins Review – Series Spielberg #11

Keep them out of the light. Don’t give them water. And whatever you do, don’t feed them after midnight. As part of a series on Film Sentinel, each week we are revisiting a work from the career of one of cinema’s most influential directors, Steven Spielberg. This week we’re taking a look at Gremlins. While... Continue Reading →

Ben is Back Review

Ben is back. Or, perhaps more appropriately, Lucas Hedges is back (again), as there doesn’t seem to be a holiday season that goes by anymore without the budding star popping up in a slew of prestige projects. In the family/addiction drama Ben is Back, Hedges collaborates with his father director Peter Hedges for the first... Continue Reading →

Coco Review

Now that’s the Pixar I know. After a string of subpar entries including Cars 3, the studio returns to form with a film representative of the poise and technical wizardry the genre authorities have built a reputation on. Coco is a reverent tribute to Mexican cultural traditions that simultaneously elevates Hispanic heritage, and delivers a festive... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Home 2 Review

There’s still two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, and audiences are already being saddled with commoditized holiday drivel. The seasonal exploitation got its start in early November with the critically-panned Bad Moms Christmas, with another Christmas-themed comedy sequel to follow. Just like the latest Bad Moms, Daddy’s Home 2 is a sequel to a movie... Continue Reading →

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