Weekend Preview – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

It is truly no exaggeration to say that it was an Incredible weekend. Last Friday, the Incredibles sequel opened to a ravenous millennial fan base, not only dominating the record for highest opening for an animated film for all time (previously held by fellow Pixar sequel Finding Dory), but with a $180 million opening, surpassing it by nearly $50 million. More than this, Incredibles 2 boasts the eighth largest opening in film history. If the rest of summer can offer performances such as this one, Hollywood will easily dodge the woes that afflicted the industry in 2017.

And with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom due this weekend, the box office is sure to retain its boisterous bustle. Analysts are projecting a $135-150 million debut, and though that is below its predecessor’s record-breaking $208 million weekend, there is without question still a savor for dinos in the moviegoing kingdom. The film has been in international release since June 6, where it has already raked in over $370 million. With around 130 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes thus far, the film is currently pulling a mixed aggregate score of 56%. The franchise has seen better days.

Pop culture tends to adore the recent Jurassic Park reboot with the dreamy/quippy Chris Pratt, but this critic sees it as little more than an undemanding update of its classic roots, favoring lighthearted laughs over the solemn science fiction philosophizing of its predecessors. As the first Jurassic World was mainly a modernization of the original’s premise of a theme park breaking down, Fallen Kingdom looks to follow in the footsteps of The Lost World by revisiting the overrun island, and possibly bringing the creatures to the U.S. Are there no new ideas anymore?

I’ll be seeing Jurassic World tomorrow night, but due to traveling, the review might be later than usual. I am predicting a conservative $130 million debut, and I am expecting to award it a lukewarm quality score somewhere around 6/10. What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments below, and check back this weekend for the full review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

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